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Heading to university this year its an exciting time for any student, however packing for the move can be stressful and hard work. If you’re moving into shared accommodation you may also have limited space.

Catered halls often let out rooms outside of term time, which require the students living there to pack up and move out. This can require you to put your things into storage rather than travelling back home with car loads of stuff.

George Bernard Shaw offer student storage in Newcastle, covering the universities in the North East. Northumbria, Durham, Sunderland and Newcastle.

The first step is to call or email us at our Hexham head office. We will arrange for 10 boxes to be delivered to you. When you have filled the boxes (no rush) we will collect and store for you. Storage is in our secure warehouse for 10 weeks. You will then have the option to collect the boxes or we can deliver them back to you included in the price.

Overseas or mature students may reside in bedsits or flats our Hexham self-store has units of various sizes. If students have even more goods to store we can provide a collection service for container storage.

Contact us today.

Moving house in Newcastle during winter months, this can be a challenging task, hence our winter moving tips. The expert team at George Bernard Shaw removals can handle every aspect of your removal whatever the weather throws us. Follow our top tips to ensure your move is as stress-free as possible.

The Weather

Check the weather ahead of your move if snow is forecast ensure you have salt ready to put on  steps, pathways and drive. Hence ensuring the most important winter moving tip is both you and the removal team don’t slip when carrying heavy boxes. Above all the last thing you want is someone slipping and injuring themselves.

Using durable boxes and other strong materials to move your possessions is rather important during the winter months. Especially when snow or rain is forecast for the moving day. Here at George Bernard Shaw we can provide you with heavy duty moving boxes to pack all your possessions. Therefore ensuring no damage and everything arrives in one piece.

Moving house can be a challenge at the best of times, so you needn’t worry about your furniture either. Our team will bring along plenty of carpet protection and furniture covers to ensure everything stays clean and dry. If you encounter any problems with the access to the new home we have storage to suit your needs.

Ensure everyone keeps warm

Wrapping up warm on moving day is one of the most important winter moving tip to remember. Wearing plenty of warm layers is also a good idea. This also allow you to remove some if you get too hot whilst moving and carrying boxes.

Its probably a good idea to have a bag in the car with a dry change of clothes. This is just in case of a downpour and your unable to get at your boxes of clothes straight away. On bad weather days your removal crews will be doing likewise.

Already packed the kettle? A small travel one could do the job. Keep the kettle out for as long as possible. This will mean you and the removals team can keep warm with plenty of hot drinks throughout the day.  You’ll certainly be surprised how welcome a hot drink is when your hands are freezing after a day of moving!

Keeping torches and extra batteries handy is an important winter moving tip, when moving during the winter months. You’d also be surprised how quickly it gets dark making things difficult. Once unloaded and moved into your new home, first of all unpack belongings that make you feel most at home. Furthermore when the curtains are up, the beds are made and cushions are on the sofa you can relax. Settling in quickly will make a tough and tiring day that little bit easier.

For house removals company in Newcastle contact the team at GBS removals, we’d be happy to discuss your requirements.

Clients usually ask what happens at a Britannia GBS Removals in Newcastle Pre-Move Survey. Similarly they ask why have a survey the answer is to ensure your move is your best move.

Before you book your removal with GBS removals in Newcastle, we will conduct a pre-move survey. Even more  reason is assisting our crew to work as swiftly and efficiently as possible come removal day.

Our surveyors will draw upon their excellent local knowledge of the  Newcastle and Northumberland towns and villages, streets and houses. Therefore they assess if there are likely to be any issues on the day we conduct your removal. They will also check the route to ensure no narrow lanes, low bridges or low tree branches.

Traffic or limited access to the property for our removal van can occasionally delay your removal in Newcastle. With a pre-move survey, we can anticipate these problems and eliminate them before they cause delays. The surveyor will also check access for both your collection address and delivery address.

If you require commercial removals in Newcastle, our pre-move survey is available for office moves too. We prefer to carry out a survey however large your relocation is. Similarly this then ensures we supply the right number of crates and spot any safely issues. They will also check dates and times to ensure we complete on schedule.

Self-assessment is available, however we do recommend having  a pre-move survey.  Therefore our surveyor can determine how many boxes you need and the size of the van that will be required. This maybe seems over the top for some but all our moves are good moves.

Above all this should make you aware of what happens at a Britannia GBS Removals in Newcastle Pre-Move Survey?.

Need more Information

If you have any questions about how we help you through the removals process, contact us.

As a removals Company in Newcastle packing advice from George Bernard Shaw is always available. Packing for your move shouldn’t have to be a difficult task, simply choose from a range of packing materials and our expert advice as a leading removals company in Newcastle will have you ready to go in no time.

George Bernard Shaw can supply you with a huge range of sturdy packing options. We also have custom-built materials that can contain any materials you wish for the move. We offer some great deals for packaging boxes and tape give us a call today.

Also as a trusted removals company in Newcastle packing advice can offer a part-packed service. This is where we will pack all breakable items such as china, glass, ornaments and lamps. So we take care of all the fragile item. All you have to do is pack linen, clothing, kitchen equipment and other non-breakable items.

A full-pack service can also be delivered, our surveyor is able to discuss with you prior to your move. Likewise as well as any help you may require with unpacking. Therefore just one of the ways we go the extra mile as your removals company in Newcastle packing advice is on hand at all times.

If you prefer to do your own packing, our surveyor will also discuss with you the amount of boxes you need. We can provide branded boxes, wardrobe cartons, protective bags for mattresses and sofas, as well as bubble wrap and tape. Purchase these online or contact us today to arrange a pre-move survey.

If your moving internationally from Newcastle to Australia made easy by  booking with George Bernard Shaw removals. There can be a lot of stress involved with moving. Things can get even more complicated when you need to do it internationally. Let’s say that you were moving from Newcastle to Australia, for instance. You would be facing a lot of issues. If you attempted to do it all on your own, you would run into a load of problems.

In order to remove the issues that can arise in this manner, you should consider looking at how to move with the help of an affordable removal service. Start your quest online looking for international removals Newcastle, and narrow your search down a bit. As you start to look at the benefits that come with moving with a professional, you will definitely see a huge amount of movement. The main thing that you have to remember here is that you will have peace of mind.

The Notion of Peace of Mind

One of the hardest things to come by is peace of mind. At first glance, you are going to find that this may seem simple enough. You feel better about the progress of your move and you end up with a positive thing at the end, right? This cannot manifest if you do not search for a few elements. Keep in mind that you can’t get this without hiring a professional. The main reason why you aren’t going to benefit otherwise is simple, you will not have any control. Control is a benefit of hiring a professional. Let’s assume that you didn’t go with a pro, you would have to manage all the elements. You would have to pack things together, and then ship them off or carry them with you as you move forward.

No matter how you look at this, you’re going to have to give up a lot of the control and if something goes wrong, you are not going to get compensated. That all goes away when you hire someone. As you hire an international removal company, they will bring along a number of benefits that all lead down to this notion of peace of mind.

Insurance Protects Your Things

If you were to go forward with trying to move on your own, you would have no insurance in place. You would have to cover the items that you would end up losing if something went wrong. Let’s say that your things were lost in transit, or broken. If those things occurred, you would have to spend money out of pocket to replace them. However, if you were to hire someone based on your search for international removals Newcastle, you would not have to worry about this. You would be compensated for that loss.

However, the likelihood of losing out is nearly impossible as companies that work within this world, work towards getting all your things to the right locale, without worry. Insured, licensed, and bonded companies are definitely worth exploring on a bigger level.

The Scheduling Issue

Here is one thing that most people don’t think about at first glance. What is your schedule like? Is it tight? Do you need to be in Australia fast? Or do you have some time to pack? This is something that is definitely overlooked by individuals when thinking about moving internationally. You are going to want to look at scheduling very carefully. You will want to look at how schedule can come into play here and make or break your forward traction. The schedule that you have in place is going to be able to help you or hinder you on your way. This is all an issue if you do it yourself.

Moving Internationally From Newcastle To Australia Made Easy

However, if you were to hire removal services, you will be able to denote schedule in a different manner. For instance, if you were to look into international removals Newcastle, you would find that your schedule will be a little easier to manage. Once you set your dates of moving, the process becomes far more streamlined. Imagine not having to worry about your time frames as they would be adhered to by professionals, and you will see why this is important overall.

Saving Your Back

Ever tried to move all on your own? Maybe you hired someone to help you out. Lifting sofas, appliances, and boxes can all take time. Not only that, they can be very heavy. Imagine not having to do any of the literal heavy lifting, and you’ll see why so many would rather go this route instead of doing it alone. You could do it yourself, save a few pounds, but think carefully about the risk of injury. What if you injure your back? You could end up not being able to work or end up with a serious injury.

You can be avoid this by hiring someone that will help you gain leverage in the right manner. Focusing on saving your back may seem to be something rudimentary, but it’s an absolute that you want to move forward with. Likewise whether you have a lot of things or not is irrelevant. The stress of movement, and working towards a schedule can all lead to serious issues with your back, it is best to use the services of a trained professional.

The Space (Storage)

Perhaps one of the most overlooked things to consider is the possibility that you are going to run out of room. Think about this in terms of moving across a city. Let’s say that you had a van to move. You could only fill up the van one trip at a time. Hence how many trips would you need to move your items across town? Multiply that based on international options and you are going to find that your space limitation in a lot of ways. Now shift that in regards to the world of international removal services, and things are a lot different.

In fact, the space you need will be allotted to you with relative ease.  Also imagine not having to worry about anything, including space, and you will see just another benefit that comes with hiring a professional to help you get from Newcastle to Australia with relative simplicity.

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