Moving with Pets

George Bernard Shaw Removals have produced these tips for moving home with pets from experience over 40 years of moving. If you’re moving home what to do with pets can often be an important detail that gets overlooked, and whilst dogs generally adapt well to their new surroundings, cats can be a little more difficult. Cats can feel a little unsettled when it comes to moving home, extra TLC helps. Also follow our tips to ensure every member of the family has a stress-free experience.

Leave them to last

When it comes to moving day, put your cat in a cat carrier with a little food and a blanket. Have your removal team empty the smallest bedroom in the house and put the cats in there. Or pop a notice on the door to ask that this bedroom is last, and the removals team will be happy to oblige. If your cat is feeling particularly nervous, why not try plugging in a pheromone diffuser?

Don’t move them in the van

If possible try not to feed the cat just before you’re due to leave the house. Always put the cat carrier in the car rather than the removal van. If you’re not moving too far away, it’s likely that your cat will return to the previous house. You might want to give the new owners the heads up and ask them not to feed your cat.

Don’t let them out immediately

As you settle into your new home, it’s a good idea to keep the cat inside for around two weeks. This will give them a chance to feel secure in their new surroundings and will allow them to mark their new territory. When you let the cat out, ensure they’re microchipped and the microchip details are updated to your new address. It might also be a good idea to feed them a little less than usual, so they stay feeling a little hungry, a sure fire way to ensure they find their way back to their new home.

For house removals in Hexham, Newcastle and the surrounding areas, call George Bernard Shaw. When you need advice on moving with pets call from our expert team,  on 0800 4488336. We can ensure your move is as stress-free and goes as smoothly as possible. Require more tips for moving home with pets large or small ask our surveyor when he is doing your quote.

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