House Removal in Northumberland

House Removal in Northumberland June 2019

Our move with Britannia George Bernard Shaw was plain sailing until completion day, the guys were all fantastic. and stayed calm throughout. We had the full packing service over a couple of days. They were all friendly, happy and speedy. The downhill spiral was when there was no sign of the buyers funds- What happened next:-

I will stand on top of a mountain and shout how brilliant the Britannia George Bernard Shaw guys were, they were calm, told us that if at all possible they would move us. Our funds arrived at 4.59pm and we completed by a hairs breath. I suspect that any other firm would have shrugged and said times up but not these chaps, they stayed with us and moved us in. Lorna in the offie was really supportive, explaining what they could do for us if our move fell through. Thank you so much Alan, Dave, Alan, Dennis and Shaun (and sorry about the wasps nest).