December 23, 2016

Moving house in Newcastle during winter months, this can be a challenging task, hence our winter moving tips. The expert team at George Bernard Shaw removals can handle every aspect of your removal whatever the weather throws us. Follow our top tips to ensure your move is as stress-free as possible.

The Weather

Check the weather ahead of your move if snow is forecast ensure you have salt ready to put on  steps, pathways and drive. Hence ensuring the most important winter moving tip is both you and the removal team don’t slip when carrying heavy boxes. Above all the last thing you want is someone slipping and injuring themselves.

Using durable boxes and other strong materials to move your possessions is rather important during the winter months. Especially when snow or rain is forecast for the moving day. Here at George Bernard Shaw we can provide you with heavy duty moving boxes to pack all your possessions. Therefore ensuring no damage and everything arrives in one piece.

Moving house can be a challenge at the best of times, so you needn’t worry about your furniture either. Our team will bring along plenty of carpet protection and furniture covers to ensure everything stays clean and dry. If you encounter any problems with the access to the new home we have storage to suit your needs.

Ensure everyone keeps warm

Wrapping up warm on moving day is one of the most important winter moving tip to remember. Wearing plenty of warm layers is also a good idea. This also allow you to remove some if you get too hot whilst moving and carrying boxes.

Its probably a good idea to have a bag in the car with a dry change of clothes. This is just in case of a downpour and your unable to get at your boxes of clothes straight away. On bad weather days your removal crews will be doing likewise.

Already packed the kettle? A small travel one could do the job. Keep the kettle out for as long as possible. This will mean you and the removals team can keep warm with plenty of hot drinks throughout the day.  You’ll certainly be surprised how welcome a hot drink is when your hands are freezing after a day of moving!

Keeping torches and extra batteries handy is an important winter moving tip, when moving during the winter months. You’d also be surprised how quickly it gets dark making things difficult. Once unloaded and moved into your new home, first of all unpack belongings that make you feel most at home. Furthermore when the curtains are up, the beds are made and cushions are on the sofa you can relax. Settling in quickly will make a tough and tiring day that little bit easier.

For house removals company in Newcastle contact the team at GBS removals, we’d be happy to discuss your requirements.

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