Mary has been spending two weeks works experience with Britannia GBS Removals. She has been learning the trade across all areas.

When asked about her experience with us she said she had thoroughly enjoyed Tim, with everyone being so friendly and helpful.  She learnt how different each customer can be. One thing we couldn’t do for Mary that she so wanted to try was a ride on the forklift – Health and Safety always Mary.

Britannia George Bernard Shaw – Are you looking for a Domestic Removal Company.
According to The Daily Express, moving is now rating as more stressful than a relationship breakdown, divorce or even a new job. Six in ten people have even rated it as their most stressful life experience, thanks to misplaced possessions and the general chaos which ensues. Therefore when looking for a residential removal company ensure they are BAR members. Reduce the stress of moving home ask your mover to pack your small items to ensure they are safe.

Moving Top Tips

Since the average Britain will need a domestic removal company to move them at least 5 times in a lifetime, ensure its a company you can trust. This is very important and also  to make it a lot less stressful. Here are some top tips which may also help the process…

For starters, once why not leave stamped envelopes for post to be forwarded? It’s easy to fret about post being lost even months after the move to your new home. Secondly, try padding out heavy boxes of books with cushions or towels. This makes them much easier to carry and handle. Thirdly, try putting items like nails and screws into plastic sandwich bags. Lastly, remember to take photographs of your gas/electricity/water readings. This will enable you to provide a true reading in seconds.

Premier Residential Removal and Storage Company in Newcastle

One of the greatest ways to ease the pressure of moving is to hire a great removals company. Therefore book GBS Removals of Hexham as your residential removal company this will be your guarantee of the best moving services.

Are you moving home this Winter? Looking for a domestic removal company? If you’re in the Northumberland or Tyne and Wear area, simply head to Britannia GBS. Established in 1982, we’ve been helping home owners move for almost 40 years. Therefore contact the premier Hexham and Newcastle residential removal company for all your moving and storage options.

Call or email us today and we will arrange a free move survey and quote.

Heading to university this year its an exciting time for any student, however packing for the move can be stressful and hard work. If you’re moving into shared accommodation you may also have limited space.

Catered halls often let out rooms outside of term time, which require the students living there to pack up and move out. This can require you to put your things into storage rather than travelling back home with car loads of stuff.

George Bernard Shaw offer student storage in Newcastle, covering the universities in the North East. Northumbria, Durham, Sunderland and Newcastle.

The first step is to call or email us at our Hexham head office. We will arrange for 10 boxes to be delivered to you. When you have filled the boxes (no rush) we will collect and store for you. Storage is in our secure warehouse for 10 weeks. You will then have the option to collect the boxes or we can deliver them back to you included in the price.

Overseas or mature students may reside in bedsits or flats our Hexham self-store has units of various sizes. If students have even more goods to store we can provide a collection service for container storage.

Contact us today.

Are you aware of the legislation regarding information privacy and hence the reason for Secure Shredding.? Penalties for businesses can be severe for not complying with or to regulations or mishandling of customer information.

George Bernard Shaw can therefore offer a very safe and secure way to dispose of confidential paperwork. Above all existing clients are very happy with our secure shredding service  in Newcastle.

Shredding provides extra office or storage space it also prevents fraud by destroying bills, statements and old customer records. Therefore you are completing confidential document shredding both legally and securely.

Furthermore if you prefer we can tailor the secure shredding service to your very specific needs.

Home shredding

George Bernard Shaw can deliver pre-paid bags that our clients fill and return for us to shred. We can also collect from your at your convenience. GBS will then also dispose of the contents very safely and securely.  Clients are more than welcome to view the secure shredding as long as they book a day by prior appointment.

Office shredding

Secure shredding in Newcastle is a simple service, either we collect your documents or our clients can deliver to us.

Standard charges are for filled shredding bags as a one off or as a regular service. To simplify the process, we can also provide a locked shredding bin for storage within your office location. George Bernard Shaw can also carry out all of your office removals in Newcastle or Sunderland and Durham.

Secure Shredding

Contact us today on 0800 4488336 for more information. We cover all areas of Newcastle, Northumberland, also Durham and the North East.

Storage to suit your needs another reason to visit us here at George Bernard Shaw removals and storage. We also have a secure, purpose-built storage solutions which can help. We also have a secure, purpose-built storage solutions which can help. If you’re in between homes, or need to de-clutter your home ready to redecorate, consider household removals and storage with GBS.

Plenty to Choose From

Whether it’s just a couple of boxes you need out the way, or a whole house worth of furniture. We can store almost as much or as little as you like. Above all we have plenty of different storage options to choose from:

Internal Self Storage

Our storage rooms are available in differing sizes to suit your needs, and have 24 hour access whether you need short term or long term storage.

Containerised Internal

If you will not need your items very frequently during storage and if you want a secure and cost-effective solution, container storage would certainly be a perfect choice.

Containerised Internal Self Fill

If you are moving your own items or hiring a van from us and prefer to load the storage containers yourself, our self fill storage would be ideal.

External Self Storage

A convenient way for you to load your items to which you need regular access.

Student Storage

It’s easy, affordable and stress free. It’s our 10 for 10 deal for university students.

Need to discuss your Hexham storage requirements in a little more detail? Get in touch with a member of our team today, who would be happy to help: call 0800 4488336 or email

Moving house in Newcastle during winter months, this can be a challenging task, hence our winter moving tips. The expert team at George Bernard Shaw removals can handle every aspect of your removal whatever the weather throws us. Follow our top tips to ensure your move is as stress-free as possible.

The Weather

Check the weather ahead of your move if snow is forecast ensure you have salt ready to put on  steps, pathways and drive. Hence ensuring the most important winter moving tip is both you and the removal team don’t slip when carrying heavy boxes. Above all the last thing you want is someone slipping and injuring themselves.

Using durable boxes and other strong materials to move your possessions is rather important during the winter months. Especially when snow or rain is forecast for the moving day. Here at George Bernard Shaw we can provide you with heavy duty moving boxes to pack all your possessions. Therefore ensuring no damage and everything arrives in one piece.

Moving house can be a challenge at the best of times, so you needn’t worry about your furniture either. Our team will bring along plenty of carpet protection and furniture covers to ensure everything stays clean and dry. If you encounter any problems with the access to the new home we have storage to suit your needs.

Ensure everyone keeps warm

Wrapping up warm on moving day is one of the most important winter moving tip to remember. Wearing plenty of warm layers is also a good idea. This also allow you to remove some if you get too hot whilst moving and carrying boxes.

Its probably a good idea to have a bag in the car with a dry change of clothes. This is just in case of a downpour and your unable to get at your boxes of clothes straight away. On bad weather days your removal crews will be doing likewise.

Already packed the kettle? A small travel one could do the job. Keep the kettle out for as long as possible. This will mean you and the removals team can keep warm with plenty of hot drinks throughout the day.  You’ll certainly be surprised how welcome a hot drink is when your hands are freezing after a day of moving!

Keeping torches and extra batteries handy is an important winter moving tip, when moving during the winter months. You’d also be surprised how quickly it gets dark making things difficult. Once unloaded and moved into your new home, first of all unpack belongings that make you feel most at home. Furthermore when the curtains are up, the beds are made and cushions are on the sofa you can relax. Settling in quickly will make a tough and tiring day that little bit easier.

For house removals company in Newcastle contact the team at GBS removals, we’d be happy to discuss your requirements.

With Christmas fast approaching do you need to create extra space in your home this festive period. Maybe you’re worrying about how you’re going to fit everybody (and everything!) in your home?
University students need storage when they descend on their family in just a matter of weeks for Christmas. Due to the fact they don’t exactly travel light. Also visiting family and friends with their luggage in tow puts pressure on you. Therefore if your home is fit to burst put the excess into GBS storage over Christmas.

Storage Solutions

Here at Britannia George Bernard Shaw we have a wide range of self-storage solutions to help you create extra space this festive season, and with our large facilities, a storage solution isn’t far away. Whether you need regular access or you’re happy to pack your belongings away for a time in storage. We probably have a vast range of options you can choose from.

Self-storage is an excellent choice if you need to pack away some household items over the Christmas period. What’s more, our warehouse is open Monday to Saturday, with some storage even having 24-hour access. As a result as long as you have your key you can access your belongings any time you like.

Self-storage is ideal for storing student’s belongings which won’t be needed over Christmas, including kitchen items, bedding and even bikes. Its surprising how easily you can create extra space in your home this festive period by using our storage solutions. Hence allowing you to accommodate the extra bodies and belongings that come with them.

Create extra space in your home this festive period

If you’re looking for a more long-term solution, GBS also offer 250 cubic foot container storage units. Our expert team can take care of every aspect of the wrapping, packing and loading. Therefore giving you a completely hands-off and hassle-free experience. Container storage units are sealed and secure until you request your belongings back, unlike self-storage units.

At 250 cubic feet, there’s more than enough room for surplus items, garden equipment, bikes etc you wish to store. Furthermore if you don’t need any access to your items, using container units during property moves and renovations will cost less.


Above all CCTV enhances the security of your belongings within our depot. Also the warehouse has smoke and fire detection systems. Thus ensuring you can enjoy your Christmas safe in the knowledge your items are safe at all times. GBS removals take care of all your goods so you can enjoy your time at home.

Our friendly team are happy to discuss your storage requirements and can tailor a solution to meet your needs. Call 0800 802 1402 for more information or fill in our contact form.

George Bernard Shaw Removals have produced these tips for moving home with pets from experience over 40 years of moving. If you’re moving home what to do with pets can often be an important detail that gets overlooked, and whilst dogs generally adapt well to their new surroundings, cats can be a little more difficult. Cats can feel a little unsettled when it comes to moving home, extra TLC helps. Also follow our tips to ensure every member of the family has a stress-free experience.

Leave them to last

When it comes to moving day, put your cat in a cat carrier with a little food and a blanket. Have your removal team empty the smallest bedroom in the house and put the cats in there. Or pop a notice on the door to ask that this bedroom is last, and the removals team will be happy to oblige. If your cat is feeling particularly nervous, why not try plugging in a pheromone diffuser?

Don’t move them in the van

If possible try not to feed the cat just before you’re due to leave the house. Always put the cat carrier in the car rather than the removal van. If you’re not moving too far away, it’s likely that your cat will return to the previous house. You might want to give the new owners the heads up and ask them not to feed your cat.

Don’t let them out immediately

As you settle into your new home, it’s a good idea to keep the cat inside for around two weeks. This will give them a chance to feel secure in their new surroundings and will allow them to mark their new territory. When you let the cat out, ensure they’re microchipped and the microchip details are updated to your new address. It might also be a good idea to feed them a little less than usual, so they stay feeling a little hungry, a sure fire way to ensure they find their way back to their new home.

For house removals in Hexham, Newcastle and the surrounding areas, call George Bernard Shaw. When you need advice on moving with pets call from our expert team,  on 0800 4488336. We can ensure your move is as stress-free and goes as smoothly as possible. Require more tips for moving home with pets large or small ask our surveyor when he is doing your quote.

Moving Your Business in Newcastle

If you’re moving your business or relocating your office in Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham and the surrounding area, you’re probably feeling a little apprehensive. With George Bernard Shaw the move needn’t be stressful, costly and time-consuming. Certainly as our expert team understand the challenges of a business move.

You’ll know there’s already enough costs associated with moving your business, which is where GBS are different. Providing our expert services while offering great value for money is what we do best. Hence this is something we pride ourselves on. By meeting with you in advance to plan the perfect commercial move solution for you and your business, we can help save you money. Whether your business is moving around Newcastle or further afield.

Commercial Removal Packing

One of the most time-consuming parts of moving your business is the packing, but this is where we come in. After compiling your removal plan, let our team take care of the dismantling, packing and wrapping all your business assets. All of our friendly and professional team are expert packers. They have also been specially trained to pack your items in a way that’ll reduce the risk of breakages. As a result meaning no unexpected costs when it comes to unpacking.

Your paperwork, documentation, IT equipment, hardware and furniture is all in good hands. Above all we pack every item with due care and attention. We also offer our clients a full unpacking and reassembling service. Thus moving your business in Newcastle doesn’t have to be a hassle.

Keeping a business running during a commercial office move is one of the biggest challenges. We’ll do everything we can to ensure you can continue to operate throughout the office move. Our experts will come up with the right solution for you and your team. Therefore you don’t need to shut down during your commercial move.

Ready to plan your commercial office move in Newcastle? Call George Bernard Shaw to get a no obligation estimate from our team today. We’d be happy to discuss any aspect of your business move.

Our storage facilities in Newcastle can provide you with a range of options to choose from. We offer a huge range of storage solutions to suit almost every need. Consequently whether you need us to store just one box or a house full of furniture give us a call.

If you require 24 hour access to your items, our internal self storage rooms are available when you need them. They are also available to hire short or long-term.

Containerised internal storage will be the solution for you when you don’t need constant access to your goods. It’s a secure choice that can be very cost-effective, and we can come and do all the hard work. If you would rather we load your belonging this can be arranged too.

Planning to move your items yourself, or are hiring a van and would like storage facilities in Newcastle. If so we can accommodate your need to fill the containers yourself, containerised internal self-fill storage is the option.

We can also offer student storage, contact us to find out more about our ’10 for 10′ deal. A range of packing materials including bubble wrap, cartons and tape are available at out storage depot.

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